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Used Cars Under 20k for sale in Port Coquitlam

The market for used cars coming in at under $20k is hugely competitive, and you can get a lot of car for not a lot of money. But with so many available models to choose from, it's important to shop wisely. Here are the top sellers under $20k from the used inventory at our Port Coquitlam dealership.

1) Mitsubishi Mirage


The Mitsubishi Mirage is available in two subcompact formats, a sedan and a hatchback, each with four doors. This is a car that's firmly aimed at providing highly economical driving, starting in the showroom and continuing at the gas pump. This focus on economy means you can get an upscale version of the Mirage on a budget of under $20k.

The fuel economy is perhaps the strongest point of this popular little car, with the hatchback version managing figures of 6.5L / 100km in the city and a miserly 5.5L on the highway.

If you're looking for no-frills but comfortable driving on a budget, a used Mirage makes a great choice.


2) Mitsubishi Eclipse


The Mitsubishi Eclipse pushes the subcompact SUV format toward the upper end of the size range, and provides a great combination of driving performance and comfort. The turbo engine can power the car around busy city streets with ease while still providing plenty in reserve for highway driving.

What's more, with a new starting price of $23k, you don't need to go back very far to get a top-of-the-range Eclipse used for under $20k.


3) Mitsubishi Outlander


Despite its compact size, the Outlander is a SUV which seats up to seven as standard. Used models will likely feature either a 2.4L four-cylinder engine or a 3.0L V6, letting you choose your own balance of performance and fuel economy. There's also a new hybrid option with excellent fuel economy, but as yet these versions are in limited supply pre-owned.

One excellent strong point of the Outlander is its range of safety features, with options including automatic emergency braking, collision warnings with pedestrian detection, lane departure warnings, and more.

4) Mitsubishi Lancer


The Lancer is Mitsubishi's take on a compact sedan, offering a range of power options under the hood and front-wheel drive as standard. However, all-wheel drive is an available option, which is fairly unusual in a sedan of this class. This drivetrain provides the Lancer with agile handling, especially around tight curves, which when combined with the comfortable interior makes this a car that's fun to drive.


Other Used Car Brands Under $20k in Port Coquitlam

But our range of used cars under $20k isn't limited to our great Mitsubishi models. We also carry carefully selected cars and SUVs from Ford, Dodge, Nissan, Kia, and more, with prices and features to suit all budgets and requirements.

To test drive any used car in our inventory from Mitsubishi or other brands, call into our Port Coquitlam showroom at 2060 Oxford Connector. We'll be happy to guide you through our vehicles for sale under $20k, helping you find the car you need with no sales pressure or hassle.

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