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Tricity Car Loan Solutions

Buying a car is a complicated task that can have many consequences, no matter how much money you have available to spend, how good you are with your cars, or how good your credit score is. Without proper research and professional assistance, you may end up buying a car that will not only severely complicate your life, but can have financial implications too.

You may end up buying a car that has a lien on it, in Canada or in the U.S. You may end up spending more than you can afford, or paying for a car that has been repossessed and you can no longer drive it. You may even purchase a car that has been in a huge accident.

We have compiled this page with you in mind, so that we can show you how to reduce the stress of buying a new or used car. Our primary goal is to help you. We can help you find a vehicle that gets you safely and efficiently from point A to point B. One that matches your own personal style, works within your budget, and that can even help you to increase your credit score, if you need to. Our consultants will sit down with you to find out exactly what your needs are, and help you to fulfill them.

The first decision to make is to determine your budget, and to decide what type of vehicle is right for you.

Our experienced sales professionals can help you to gather and analyze the information you can provide us, regarding your needs and lifestyle, in order to select the right type of vehicle. Our consultants will also provide you with access to online financial calculators, so that you can actually see for yourself what your options are, and what you can afford.

Establishing a down payment

By increasing the down payment you provide towards a vehicle purchase, you can lower your monthly payment, lower the total interest you will pay for the duration of the loan, and can drastically improve your chance of approval by our partner financial institutions.

Trading-in your current vehicle

If you have a vehicle available for a trade in, this also acts as a sort of down payment and can heavily reduce the amount of taxes you will pay on your next vehicle. We can appraise your current ride, make you an offer for it, and if it is still under financing, we can communicate with the current owner regarding its value on their books and help relieve you of it.

It is a good idea to be honest when discussing your options with our sales and financing professionals, as they can help you understand the process and provide the best solution for you. They can help you determine how much you can afford monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly and suggest the vehicles that would fit in your budget without strain.

A good rule of thumb to remember is that most banks or car loan companies do not want to see more than 15% of your gross monthly income going towards your car payment. If your salary is $4000 on a monthly basis, your car payment can be no more than $600.

Tricity Mitsubishi can help you.

We can help you determine your monthly payment level and provide you with access to financing, even if your credit score isn't great. We can help you get behind the wheel and actually INCREASE your credit score. We communicate with the major credit rating agencies in Canada (TransUnion Toll-free number: 1-800-663-9980 and Equifax Toll-free number: 1-800-465-7166) and record that you have been keeping up with your car payments, and therefore provide you with an increased credit score rating. You can even contact them yourself and find out what your credit score is. (The bigger the number, the better our financing offer will be).

Even if you don't actually need credit, or you already have an excellent credit history, we can offer you very competitive terms with minimum effort on your part, and a barrier free transaction.

We offer quick completion of your auto financing deal, tailored to your needs and wants. You select the vehicle that fits your lifestyle, and we help you apply for a loan. When our partner companies approve you, we can help you decide which offer to accept.

Our list of partner institutions:

  • Alberta Treasury Branch
  • Bank of Montreal
  • Bank West
  • Chrysler Financial
  • Carfinco
  • Ford Credit
  • FinanciaLinx
  • First Calgary Savings
  • Royal Bank
  • Scotia Bank
  • Scotia Dealer Advantage
  • Servus Credit Union
  • TD Canada Trust
  • VFC
  • WS Leasing
  • Dominion Leasing

The financial institutions typically take four major factors into account: Your down payment; the vehicle specifics (model, style, age, mileage, and cost); your application information such as income, time at current job, and time at residence; and your credit history/ credit score. Your credit score is derived from your timeliness of payments (previous and current), the length of your credit history, the type and amounts of your debts and any public records, if available. This information helps a bank or car loan company to predict the risk on their financing decision.

And what if this is going to be my first vehicle purchase or I just returned from abroad, after a long stay, therefore my credit history is incomplete?

We are the best at financing a variety of situations. We offer competitive programs for recent college graduates and offer other programs as well. Please contact our Tricity Mitsubishi representatives so we can discuss your unique situation and help you finance your purchase.

What is my financing rate going to be? How much interest will I pay?

Your past credit history and the type of car you're buying, combined with your down payment and current market conditions will affect the finance rate and your interest payments. Because we have partnerships with many financing companies, even the financing rates you qualify for, or get preapproved for, can be minimized to fit your budget.

What factors impact my monthly payment?

Your down payment, the amount financed, the future length of your contract, and your annual percentage rate all affect the monthly payment.

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