June Price Reductions are on now! Click Here.

June Price Reductions are on now! Click Here.

Tricity Buy Back Program

You don't even need to buy one of ours! Being the big dog in town has it's advantages. One of those advantages is our ability to pay more for our customers trade in vehicles than other car dealers. Because we have so many locations that we can sell from, and the largest customer database of buyers looking for specific vehicles, we can optimize our inventory to get the right cars to the right place. That means we can pay you the best price for your existing vehicle, even if you don't buy one of ours.

Get my trade value now!

We Can Pay More For Your Trade Than Other Car Dealers

Whether you are considering a trade-in or simply looking to sell your vehicle, you can fill out the information below for a free trade-in value estimate.

A trade-in value is lower than the retail asking price because it reflects vehicle reconditioning, repairs, transport, interest charges, and/or commissions required to sell the vehicle. We strongly suggest you use these prices as a guide only. Accident reports, documented service and maintenance records, out of province status, cosmetic requirements, and mechanical repairs will all influence the assessment of your vehicle.

The trade-in values presented are a guideline and each vehicle will require a professional evaluation to arrive at a specific trade-in value.

Our trained vehicle appraisal specialists use a detailed process to physically inspect your car to ensure you get a fair offer. Because cars, trucks and SUV's are all unique, our specialists focus on several key factors in the inspection:

  • General Exterior and Interior Condition of your Vehicle
  • Any Aftermarket Modifications
  • A Test Drive to identify mechanical issues
  • The Year and Mileage of your vehicle

Once our team has inspected your vehicle and collected all the necessary data, they move on to the appraisal process.

The Appraisal

The information regarding the physical quality of your vehicle is then input into our vehicle optimization system. This system allows us to compare information about your vehicle with:

  • Maintenance History of your vehicle (Make sure to bring any records)
  • Technical Bulletins regarding your make/model/year
  • Current market conditions such as sales trends and auction data
  • Our current inventory needs across Canada to determine the best location for your vehicle

Once we have inspected and appraised your vehicle, we will present you with an offer to purchase your vehicle on the spot. Don't worry though, the offer is good for a few days, and you don't need to buy one of our vehicles for us to buy yours.

Get my trade value now!